Mighty Mighty Monsters: Pranks for the Memories



Directed by: Adam Wood
Starring: Donavan Stinson, Vincent Tong, Travis (Little T) Turner
A Bron Studios production

After scraping out a passing grade by the skin of their teeth, the boys are warned that they need to be on their best behavior for the last few days of school if they want to return to Monster Academy next year. Even one prank or demerit could mean a drop in their grade and face the most unimaginable horror any middle school kid can dream of… Summer School!

Vlad wants to “go out in style” and give these human kids something to remember them by. Frankie and Gunnar try and stop him, but it’s too late… Vlad has already put his prank in motion! Overhearing the Bro’s conversation the King mocks Vlad’s attempt at a prank and tells the Bro’s that he has already set-up the big end of school prank that everyone will be talking about. Coincidentally, it seems that both boy’s pranks involve the school’s plumbing system and when both pranks go off at the same time the school is flooded. The King puts all the blame on the Monster bros and our heroes not only flunk the year, but they are going to be stuck in summer school the entire vacation break!

Fuming, the Bro’s try and figure out how to bring The King down with them, and before long a solution presents itself. Every year, at the end of school, J.A.M. Middle School puts on a big soap box derby, which The King never lost, but the winners get bonus marks added to their final grades. If the Bros win they can not only put the King in his place, but get out of Human Immersion School forever!
Frankie, Vlad and Gunnar’s school year ends with a thrilling high speed race all around (and through!) the school.

Can the Monster bro’s race fast enough? Can the King even be beaten? Will the school’s plumbing ever be the same again?


Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Travis Turner (Little T)

-Marley & Me: The Puppy Years
-A Princess for Christmas
-Easter Bunny Bloodbath

Donavon Stinson

-Fantastic Four
-Call Me Fitz (TV Series)
-Reaper (TV Series)
-The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Additional Crew & Cast

Jimi Cuell
Doug Abrahams
Doron Bell
Diana Kaarina


Adam Wood


Aaron L. Gilbert
Barbara Zelinski


Shane Simmons


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