Mighty Mighty Monsters: New Fears Eve



Directed by: Adam Wood
Starring: Reece Thompson, Donavon Stinson, Vincent Tong, Travis (Little T) Turner
A Bron Studios production

Dragged back to Human School on New Years Eve by a fame obsessed Vlad, the monster friends find themselves bribed by Dr. Scherbatova to appear on his TV show and if the ratings are high enough he will send them back to Monster Academy for good!

Too bad the show is being hosted by their fellow classmate, and wanna-be celebrity, Destiny Twang, a hyper happy kiss obsessed gal. Destiny gives girls what they’ve been missing, insight into kissable boys! Unfortunately no one told Destiny the boy she would have to kiss was also a monster!
As tempers flare on-air between Frankie and Vlad, and all the monsters versus Destiny, the ratings sky rocket but the cost of success could be the lifelong friendship of the bros! Frankie does his best to calm things down, but Vlad wants all the attention for himself, and when he doesn’t get it… all bets are off! In a fit of rage Destiny plunges the boys down into the dark hallways of the school, ending the show… or so she thought.

But Dr. Sherbatova has other ideas. He forces the show to go on and Destiny is sent to hunt the monsters down on “reality tv”. Still bickering and infighting the Monsters are easy pray, and after capturing Frankie she brings him, bound and gagged, back on stage. He’s going to get a midnight kiss from her, whether he likes it or not!
Now Vlad will have to put aside his jealousy and dreams of fame, team up with Gunnar, and fight his way back to the gymnasium for a final explosive showdown with Destiny to show the world the true meaning of friendship!


Reece Thompson

-The Perks of Being a Wallflower
-Daydream Nation
-Zixx: Level Threea

Vincent Tong

-Death Note (2006)
-My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
-Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Travis Turner (Little T)

-Marley & Me: The Puppy Years
-A Princess for Christmas
-Easter Bunny Bloodbath

Donavon Stinson

-Fantastic Four
-Call Me Fitz (TV Series)
-Reaper (TV Series)
-The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Additional Crew & Cast

Jimi Cuell
Kendra Anderson
Doug Abrahams
Diana Kaarina
Brett Dier


Adam Wood


Aaron L. Gilbert
Barbara Zelinski
John Raymonds (EP)
Ben Burden Smith (EP)
Gil RImmer (EP)
Sean O'Reilly (EP)


Screen Story by:
Ben Burden Smith
& Gil Rimmer

Teleplay by:
Scott Oleszkowicz


Release Date



44 min Special


Bron Studios