Directed by: Meg Ryan
Starring: Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Alex Neustaedter, Sam Shepard, Jack Quaid, Hamish Linklater
An Apple Lane Productions production in association with Bron Studios

In a small town in California’s San Joaquin Valley, 14-year-old Homer Macauley is determined to be the best and fastest bicycle telegraph messenger anyone has ever seen. His older brother has gone to war, leaving Homer to look after his widowed mother, his older sister, and his 4-year-old brother, Ulysses. And so it is that as spring turns to summer in 1942, Homer delivers messages of love, hope, pain and death, to the good people of Ithaca. He will grapple with one message that will change him forever – from a boy into a man. Based on Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Saroyan’s 1943 novel, The Human Comedy, ITHACA is the quintessential wartime tale of the home front. It is a coming-of-age story about the exuberance of youth, the sweetness of life, the sting of death and the modesty and sheer goodness that lives in each and every one of us.


Alex Neustaedter

-Albino Farm
-Last Breath
-Deerhunter (2009)
-Agents Of Shield (T.V.)

Jack Quaid

-The Hunger Games
-The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
-Sitting Babies
- Roadies

Meg Ryan

-You've Got Mail
-Sleepless In Seattle
-When Harry Met Sally
-Courage Under Fire

Sam Shepard

-The Right Stuff
-Black hawk Down

Hamish Linklater

-The New Adventures Of Old Christine (T.V.)
-The Crazy Ones (T.V.)

Tom Hanks

-Cast Away
-Saving Private Ryan
-Forest Gump
-The Da Vinci Code


Meg Ryan


Aaron L. Gilbert (EP)
Jason Cloth (EP)
Alan Simpson (EP)
Allan J. Stitt (EP)
Gary Goetzman (EP)
Janet Brenner
Laura Ivey
Erik Jendresen


Erik Jendresen
William Saroyan (Novel)

Release Date

December 2015


Feature Film




Apple Lane Productions
Bron Studios

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